The fees for the next Scouting year (Term 4, 2016 to Term 3, 2017) are shown below.

Scouting NZ charges 1st Waiheke Sea Scouts $90 for every member in order to run leader training and the like.  So, the amount our Club gets is actually quite low.

We seek grants and funding to cover some costs and new purchases. However, we do have lots of costs to maintain our property and equipment and your fees are needed.

Consequently also, additional fees may be charged for badges and special events during the year as they are incurred.

Invoices for fees will sent out in November 2017 for all members.


Group Fees
Kea $135
Cubs $165
Scout $ 220
Children of Warranted Leaders $100

Please contact the Group Leader or Group Committee Chairperson if you will have difficulties to pay your child’s fees.   We will strive to make it possible for any keen child to join the Group.  All discussions will be held in strictest confidentiality between parents, Group Committee Chairperson and/or Group Leader.

Buying Uniforms

You can purchase the a sea scouts uniform here

Your child may achieve and be awarded other badges and may attend special events during the year. These can be purchased during the year as they are incurred.