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Motuihe Island Camp

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It’s Motuihe Time!
This year we may have 40+ families — yay! — please note we have a confirmation & payment deadline so we can lock in numbers, order food and plan transport.
Vegetarian and food allergies — please indicate this using the OSM link below.
Questions? Please see key people listed below.

Information below is subject to change at any time, and is placed here to serve as a guide.


Last updated Jan 19th 2021 @ 15:45pm

Hi all camp whanau,

Here is the final update (hopefully!)



Keas and Cubs ONLY :
TENT AND SLEEPING STUFF DROP OFF this Thursday 21st 6pm – 7pm at THE SHIP.  Bags and personal stuff: take with you on Friday.

Keas and Cubs ONLY:  Friday 22nd & Monday 25th Jan Travel

By now you should have confirmed your transport time with Brendan.  If you haven’t – you need to do so immediately with Brendan 0272020221 [email protected]
IMPORTANT 1: There are adult life jackets on the coast guard boat – Kids need to bring their own lifejacket. Please think about how much extra personal gear you bring – it has to be loaded onto the boat, along with passengers, food etc…
IMPORTANT 2: During drop off / pick up at Matiatia, park in the 30 minute temporary car park and walk to the Old Wharf where the coastguard boat will dock. DO NOT drive to the old wharf (where the buses turn around) as you may get a parking ticket!

Scouts will be sailing over and others are bringing boats.  If not already organised, please organise your transport via Liza Hamilton 0211053379 or via Marcel  021 581 397_______________________


If not already paid, please contact your group leader to make payment for camp.  Please note that you DO NOT need to pay for your DOC site as this gets invoiced to the group.  If you have already paid for your camping spot, please advise your group leader.



Everyone: Big packed lunch and water for the first day lunch
Everyone: Home baking / treats to share with everyone for morning and afternoon teas

>>>>>> Click Here To See Packing List  <<<<<



Keas and Cubs
Camp Welcome at 17:00 on Friday 22nd where activities, menu and timetable will be revealed!

Camp Welcome at 17:00 on Sunday 24th where activities, menu and timetable will be revealed!



All parents and kids will be expected to help out with various cooking / clean up duties.

First Aid
In an emergency, dial 111.  We will have first aid kits and a defibrillator at the Mess Tent.  Several Leaders are trained in first aid and we also have a doctor and paramedic in our group.  If you need first aid help, please speak to any of the Leaders.

All Adults

Please help supervise and assist all kids so that we can have a successful, healthy and accident free camp.
Please help keep rubbish to a minimum and put all rubbish in bins we will provide – ideally take it home with you if it belongs to you.
Trust Shop
There is an ice cream shop run by the Motuihe island Restoration Trust – bring some cash / EFTPOS for a cool treat!
Other Useful Info 

Taken from the official website here

No power on site.  While we are planning to have a USB charging plug attached to a car battery for charging phones, we recommend that you bring your own power bank (click here for example)

Many people anecdotally say the water is fine to drink, however, official information on the website advises that drinking water should be boiled.

The historic water tower is a major hazard, and the site is fenced off. Do not enter the inside of the perimeter fence or the tower.

Bio Security – Check you are pest-free
Check, clean, and seal your gear to ensure you don’t bring pests, soil, and seeds.




Please see the email sent out Jan 19th for key contact information
— end of Jan 19th update

Below is Older / Previous news, caution some information may have changed.

Dates / Costs

Keas / Cubs

  • 22-25th Jan 2021 = 3 nights 4 days
  • Child $95
  • Adults $105
  • Leaders no charge


  • 24th – 30th Jan 2021  = 6 nights 7 days
  • Child $155
  • Adults $175
  • Leaders no charge

Fees will cover:

  • Transport + donation to coastguard
  • Campground booking*
  • Food m/ snacks / drinks
  • Fuel for BBQ and chase boat
  • Equipment / activities

Please do NOT MAKE YOUR OWN BOOKING WITH DOC – incorrect information was sent out previously. DOC now request us to make a group booking which we will do on your behalf.




  • Please note missing the deadline means food won’t be ordered for you and transport won’t be scheduled.  You / your family are welcome to join the group for a few days – however you will need to arrange your own transport, food and camp arrangements. Brendan may be able to accommodate some ‘last minute’ transport — see his contact info below.


How Do I Book & Pay For The Camp?

This camp is open to all registered Waiheke Sea Scouts / Cubs and Keas.

1) Please log into OSM for your child/ren and register your child as attending camp.  You should have received the invitation on your email.  Not received it?  Check spam / junk folders or if you have any difficulty, please contact one of your Leader(s).

2) Please ensure you complete the correct number of children / adults in the OSM screen as we may not be able to accommodate changes.  Invoices will be sent after the booking deadline and the payment deadline will be 30th Dec.

3) After booking deadline of 23rd DEC – Elaine (our newly elected Sea Scouts treasurer) will Invoice your family – please ensure you have selected the correct number of children / adults as we may not be able to accommodate changes.  Invoices will be sent and payment deadline 30th Dec.



Coastguard / Scouts will provide transport for those not able to get there or sail (Marcel will be looking after the sailing)

Parking – please organise to be dropped off at the old wharf if going on coastguard boat. The Motuihe wharf is out of service so we will need to do a wet drop off the side of the boat.

this means that we will need to do a gear trip first with some adults – potentially the kids can do a Matiatia headland walk while this is happening.

We will also be asking Doc to meet us at the wharf to go over our gear as Motuihe is pest free


Parent Supervision

  • All Cubs and Keas need an accompanying adult.
  • Scouts (over the age of 11) by arrangement with Scout Leaders.



  • We will formulate a roster for tasks that need to be done such as cooking meals, the plan is to spread the load as much as possible.
  • Meals  – as cooking facilities are limited we will need to plan the meals well. please let us know of food allergies and or food type preference.
  • Facilities: Yes it has toilets – bio showers – so bring a solar shower – or just swim!
  • Rubbish – we will need to remove all our rubbish so take only what you are willing to take home with you.


Motuihe Island Info


Things to do:

A program of events will follow but will include some or all of the following;

We would like to have as much beach time as possible so bring your togs and beach gear


Further Group Meetings & Planning

Further details and updates will be communicated as and when so please keep checking this page



Please get involved in selling raffle tickets!  Ask Sol for details.


Key people and jobs:

Please login to OSM to see this info