Being a Leader can be very rewarding:

  • You see and assist young people achieve
  • You can be involved in your son’s or daughter’s activities
  • You can further influence your child’s development
  • You take part in many varied activities and personally learn new skills
  • You can pass on your skills and knowledge
  • You make a positive contribution to your local community
  • You meet and work with a large group of adults
  • You join a network of new friends

We’re fortunate on Waiheke to have a great network of warranted Scouting Leaders for our tam?riki.  While each person brings their own special flavour into the mix, Scouting NZ encourages every Leader to follow specific training programmes.  Being a Sea Scouting troupe means following water-based trainings in addition to courses for first aid, camping management etc.


Becoming a Leader

Thinking about becoming a Leader?  WONDERFUL!

Please get in touch with one of the Leaders to find out more.  In the meantime, you may find some interesting reading in the booklets below:

How to become a leader

To become “Warranted”

3 steps:

  1.           Complete police check form (Request and Consent NZ Police Form)
  2.           Complete application form (Warrant Application form)
  3.           Read guide (An introduction to SCOUTS) and complete last part of booklet.

All 3 steps need to be completed and given to Julia to get Group Leader (Paul) signature.

To become a parent helper:

  1.           Complete a police check form (Request and Consent NZ Police Form)
  2.           Complete the application form. (Adult helper Application Form)