Venturers help develop their own programmes and this distinguishes them from other Scout sections.  Venturers meet as needed for trips and activities they have planned, and this may not be weekly.

While venturers are encouraged to be independent, safety in Venturer activities is the responsibility of the Venturers Leader — a Scouts NZ certificated parent volunteer.

Venturers occasionally join activities in our Scout, Cub and Kea sections – a great community building link between the parents and younger kids!

Are you 14 – 18 years of age and want some challenge in your life? Get into Venturers!

The Venturers program is designed around Year 11 to Year 14 at school (14-18 years old).

There are many possibilities for things to do – both locally and off-island.  Scouts New Zealand runs a variety of fantastic “National Schools” – activities aimed at 14 – 18 yr old venturers, including:

Caving School, Photography School, Flying School, Mountaineering School, Canoe School, and many others!

A progressive award scheme also enables Venturers to extend their range of skills and earn certificates that lead towards the Queen’s Scout Award and the Duke of Edinburgh / young New Zealander’s Challenge Gold Award.


When is Venturers on?

The date and time of Venturers is decided by the current Leaders and the Venturers  themselves.  Times and days can vary a bit depending on the seasons and daylight savings, or if we have special later afternoon or evening activities.  When that happens, the leaders will communicate it to the group.

To find out our current dates and times, please get in touch

What do Venturers Do?

Venturers usually get together at the beginning of term to discuss, plan and design their own activities as much as possible, with the agreement and (if necessary), supervision of or sign off from the Venturer Leaders.  The emphasis is on Action | Adventure | Challenge

Typical activities are: Tramping, Climbing, Kayaking, Cycle Touring, Camping, Abseiling, Off-Roading, Racing, and Sailing.

Venturers learn many new skills and make new friends.  Social activities are an important part of Venturing, and you will take part in Quiz nights, Formal Balls, Casino evenings and many other fun events.  Meeting other Venturers from around NZ and the world, and making friends for life are all a part of Venturing.

You can also work towards your Queen’s Scout Award – which is similar to “Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award programme”. The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest youth award in SCOUTS New Zealand.  It is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable youth awards. The Queen’s Scout Award is available only for those who have reached the highest standards and have completed the three previous levels making up the Venturer Award Scheme.  It includes completing modules on road safety, environmental awareness, personal development and community service.

Becoming a Queen’s Scout gives you the skills and confidence to achieve all of your goals in life.  Because Queen’s Scouts are exceptional young people, this award can be very useful when looking to attend sponsored courses (eg Outward Bound) and in finding work.

Venturer Leaders and Parent Helpers Wanted!

We are always looking for new Leaders.  You will be fully supported in your journey and you would need to give around 3 hrs per week – and the role would be shared with other Leaders.

Find out more by getting in touch with us

Important Note: Some sections may already be full.  To avoid disappointment, please get in touch with us BEFORE you register.  If the section you would like to join is already full, we will invite you to join our waiting list so that we can be in touch when places become available.