If you would like to visit and find out all about what we do and who we are – we invite you to come along for a couple of sessions at no cost to see if it’s “your kind of thing”.

The best way to organise a visit is to drop us a line on the website so that we can organise a suitable date in advance.

Once you’ve visited us for a couple of sessions and you decide to join up, the registration process is very straightforward.


Registration Process

Registrations for Waiheke Sea Scouts are always open – however, there may be a waiting list for new members of certain sections, so it’s best to contact us to discuss availability.

The scouting year generally follows the school terms and start dates can be discussed with your section leader.


Registration Steps

  1. Decide which section your child will join.  It’s generally determined by age – see the sections page for details
  2. Contact us to request a free visit or two.  The section leader for your chosen section will arrange the start date with you.
  3. Once you have attended two sessions, you can decided if it’s for you – if it is – we will ask you to complete your registration by filling out the form – at footer of page.
  4. When you have completed the form we will register your child(ren) onto our system called Online Scouts Manager (OSM).
  5. We will then send you an email with a link to access our Online Scouts system (OSM).
  6. You will then receive an invoice and make payment either quarterly or annually.
  7. You can order and pay for a uniform via the Scouts Direct website (you need to order the dark blue Sea Scouts shirt).
  8. Your child will be formally “invested” once s/he has a uniform and fees are paid.


Waiting List

Unfortunately, some of our groups are full and have waiting lists.  We need MORE LEADERS !

If you become a Leader, acceptance of your child into a section is given priority. Please contact us to find out more.

Once accepted into a group, you will receive some information and instructions for payment of fees and purchase of a shirt, scarf, woggle, and zone and club badges.

You may attend three sessions before confirming you will join and paying fees.


Payment of Fees

Find out about the current fees here.

Our Bank Account:

020 108 0013102 000   ::  Waiheke Sea Scouts

In the reference fields, please quote your child’s surname and initial, followed by the invoice number you will receive, once you have joined.


Ready to get started?

Application Form

I want to register as an official Parent Helper (police check required)Yes I want to register as an official Leader (police check required)No to being parent helper / leader right now