Every year we help 16,000 young people in New Zealand enjoy new adventures

    • To experience the outdoors; interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
    • Working alongside our youth members are thousands of adult volunteers, with a huge variety of roles and opportunities available.
    • There are four key cornerstones in the Scouts Movement, which are all realised through an outdoor experience including; outdoors, community, personal development and new experiences.
    • There is no other organisation quite like Scouts in New Zealand.
  • The programmes that we offer cater to the boys and girls development in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of their lives in an appropriately safe environment where they are encouraged to be themselves, work together and thrive.

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About Waiheke Sea Scouts

Waiheke Sea Scouts is proud to be part of the New Zealand Scout Association, which is a registered charity.

We believe in the value of the work we do on the island, challenging young Waihetians (Waiheke Islanders) to be active, extra-ordinary, thoughtful and adventurous.

Our goal is to inspire and equip young people aged 6 to 26 with life skills: problem-solving; teamwork; citizenship; respect for the environment and for each other; healthy living; and more.

As much as possible, we provide them with access to a large range of outdoor activities, typically for three seasons of the year – and a fair amount of indoor “creativity” time at our dedicated venue “The Ship” on Shelly Beach Road.

Waiheke Scouts, Cubs, Keas groups – all rely on parent volunteers to help make the group run! If you are interested in helping out and feeling rewarded for your efforts – please contact us !

When we can, we do our best to attend the National camps, regattas and jamborees.

All Waiheke Scouts naturally have access to the National resources (and some international ones too!) that Scouts NZ offers, including access to specialised training programmes that are generally available at discounted prices such as: caving; photography; flying; canoe and snow schools.

In short, by being connected to the Scouts New Zealand organisation, Waiheke scouts have access to a massive amount of connections, events, education and adventure opportunities.

Waiheke Sea Scouts is part of the Manukau Scouts Zone, however, due to the nature of our location, we largely run independently and join in with the National and Regional Programmes wherever possible.

Waiheke Sea Scouts runs a number of sections, broken down by age.  Below are the sections that we run.


Keas provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to develop their creativity, confidence, outdoor experience…

Keas interact with nature and learn to share through co-operation and teamwork. We engage in active games, stories, creative play, play acting and singing. Keas share a motto: ‘I share, I care, I discover, I grow…’

The Keas programme is designed around Year 1 to Year 3 at school (from 6 years to 8 years old).

Keas Leader: Wanted! Apply within!

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Cub Packs offer learning programs where children are encouraged to experience, experiment, and explore…

Cubs do heaps of exciting indoor and outdoor activities, have lots of fun, make new friends, explore new things, make new friends, experiment, and achieve challenges!

There are outdoor adventures like camping, bushwalking, outdoor cooking, sailing, expeditions, and helping in the community.

You can learn traditional Scout skills such as tying knots and using a compass to find your way around. You’ll also visit exciting places, play cool games, even help others to ‘do their best’, and learn what to do in an emergency.

There are badges to earn, including the Cub Award Badges (by doing activities on emergency preparedness, social and life skills, community, outdoors, and new experiences) and personal interest badges such as cycling, computer, swimming, fishing and photography and many more.

Each Cub is a member of a group called a ‘Six’, who are Year 4 to Year 6 at school (8-11 years old).

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Action-packed activities form the core of being a Scout, encouraging young people to make their own decisions and to explore the world around them…

Scouts learn the key skills of survival, camping, water sailing, leading, and helping in the community.

Scouts commit to doing their best in everything they do, and to helping others, at the same time as learning valuable problem-solving and team-building skills.

The Scouts programme is designed around Year 7 to Year 10 at school (11-4 years old).

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Venturers develop their own programs – from Vocational activities developing self-confidence, to leadership courses and team-building exercises…

A progressive award scheme enables Venturers to extend their range of skills and earn certificates that lead towards the Queen’s Scout Award and the Duke of Edinburgh / young New Zealander’s Challenge Gold Award.

The Venturers program is designed around Year 11 to Year 14 at school (14-18 years old).

Venturer Leader Wanted! Apply within!

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Information for Parents

Parents, you are an integral part of the Groups success!

We are 100% voluntarily run and self funding. We are not a child minding service – we are a community, that helps young people to learn positive skills and develop friendships for life.

Parents Charter:

As a parent of a member you will help us if you can:

  • make sure your child turns up on time and in the uniform or appropriate attire for planned events.
  • encourage your child to be well behaved and respectful.
  • before attending any session, ensure your child is registered after attending a third session, ensure all fees are paid and uniform is ordered.
  • ensure all contact and health details are up to date and ensure all costs are paid promptly – for badges, camps and any other activities (within 3 days of receiving invoice)
  • attend as a helper for the session/s you are allocated in the roster (approximately one session per term). If you cannot attend, find a replacement parent.
  • offer your time to the Group as a volunteer (see below), or if you can not offer time, make an appropriate donation.

We encourage parents, grandparents and other family members to get involved with their children and assist where they can.

Each troop is only as good as the people who step up to the challenge so choose a job you’d like to be involved in and come aboard!

Please check our Volunteer With Us page – or simply contact us