Waiheke Keas are the junior section of our pack. Keas are from 5 – 8 yrs of age boys and girls and enrolment typically happens on a rolling basis or until max numbers have been reached.

The number of Keas in a group section depends on how many Warranted Leaders are available – and of course, Parent Helpers!

When is Keas on?

The date and time of Keas is decided by the current Leaders and these times and days can vary a bit depending on the seasons and daylight savings, or if we have special later afternoon or evening activities.  When that happens, the leaders will communicate it to the group.

To find out our current dates and times, please get in touch


What do Keas do?

At Keas, our goal is to get children feeling confident, included and welcomed so that they can relax, have fun and enjoy being active, getting involved in adventures such as short hikes, beach cleanups, bike riding, water fun and of course, joining in where possible, with the other groups’ activities (Cubs and Scouts).

You can read more about KEAS on the National Scout NZ website here All About Keas.

As a Kea you will:

  • have lots of fun and go on awesome adventures
  • play heaps of games and make lots of friends
  • earn Award badges
  • learn the Kea Promise and Motto
  • learn to sing the Kea Song and Kea Yell
  • take part in National Events such as Keas Day, Founders Day and Mudslide Day and many more!
  • join in with cubs and scouts for some mixed up adventures!
  • Do lots of fun activities such as supervised swimming, kayaking, walking, campfires and much much more


Could you help run Keas?

We are a 100% local parent led and self funded group.  We welcome interest from new potential Leaders and Parent Helpers!

  • Being a helper or Leader is very rewarding as you are able to help and empower the youth in our community and have fun doing it.
  • You will have access to the Waiheke Sea Scouts hall and all equipment in it, along with access to many friendly humans that have a wide range of skills.
  • You would become part of the wider Scouts group “family” that includes Cubs, Scouts and Venturers.
  • You will also be fully supported and helped with ideas on things to run and activities to do – there are heaps of exciting things!
  • You would probably need to give about 3 hours per week, and it may be possible to share the role with other Leaders.
  • Each week, Leaders and Parent Helpers run a session of around 90 minutes.  The session content can be anything from bush walks, to getting creative and making things at The Ship (our Scout Hall).  There is a weekly session plan outline that you can follow if you wish (published by SCOUTSNZ each term) and you can add your own style to it.

Find out more about volunteering with us or contact us to start a conversation!


Interested in joining KEAS?

If you are interested to find out more, please get in touch via the contact us page

Important Note: Some sections may already be full.  To avoid disappointment, please get in touch with us BEFORE you register.  If the section you would like to join is already full, we will invite you to join our waiting list so that we can be in touch when places become available.