The focus for our Scouts group is around water activities – including sailing, knowledge of watercraft, swimming, kayaking, rowing and learning about seamanship (knots, what to wear to keep safe etc.)

Generally speaking, these activities tend to occur more in the warmer months, with more inside activities happening during the winter months.

We have some wonderfully knowledgeable and skilled Leader who run the water based activities.

Scouts Activity Plan:

Here is a sample of a typical plan for Scouts.

  • 2 March – High tide. Wear appropriate water activity clothing (as discussed with your children). List will be provided at the end of this email.
  • 6-8 March – Trip to the Kai Iwi lakes for sailing Regatta. All scout invited. You will have already replied if your Scout is intending to go.
  • 9 March – Low tide. Wear uniform. Badgework –> your Scout is working towards their Boatman and Oarsman award.
  • 16 March – High tide. Water activity clothing
  • 23 March – Low tide. Wear uniform. Camp preparation night – we have a camp at Easter. Discussion & practical evening around kit, menus, camp fire cooking etc.
  • 30 March – High tide. Water activity clothing
  • 3 – 6 April – Easter Sailing Camp.


Scout Leaders Needed

We are always looking for new scout Leaders and parent volunteers to help out on sailing days / afternoons.

Even a little help with making hot drinks, providing biscuits/cake and moral support!  This is especially needed on the water activity nights. If you are able to help with this, then please get in touch.

Scouts Waiheke are always looking for new Leaders.  You will be fully supported in your journey and you would need to give around 3 hrs per week – and the role would be shared with other Leaders.

Find out more by getting in touch with us